About Us

The Nehalem Bay Health District (NBHD) is a municipal corporation, a form of local government. It was created by a vote of the people to help meet the health care needs of the community.

Often in rural areas, communities struggle to keep their health care systems economically viable. The formation of a health district eases this economic burden by providing a non-operating revenue stream. The permanent tax rate, established in 1997, is 0.0309 cents/$1000 of assessed property value.

The health district serves the communities of Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler, and the surrounding unincorporated areas. It facilitates the delivery of health and community services through responsible fiscal management of the physical assets of the health district. The health district owns a 3.2 acre property in Wheeler and maintains three facilities — the Nehalem Valley Care Center, the Rinehart Clinic, and the Annex, also known as the Old Wheeler Hospital.

The Nehalem Bay Health District is governed by a publicly elected board.

Beginning in May 2018, the Nehalem Bay Health District is undertaking a vital community-wide strategic planning process in order to determine how the district can best serve its constituents into the future to continue to help meet the physical and mental health care needs of the community.

We invite and encourage the community to participate in this process. To learn more about the strategic planning process, #read more here#.

Our DEIA Statement and Intentions

We each have a role and voice as community members, partners and servant leaders in the Nehalem Bay Health District to create an inclusive and equitable community. We choose courage over comfort. We see and speak the truth when people are harmed by racism, sexism, classism, ableism and all forms of oppression and inequity. We step out of our comfort zone to reach across differences and build relationships. We look for and see systemic inequities and biases and actively address root causes and the wounds they perpetuate. There is no perfect time or one right way to do this work – we learn, take imperfect action, make repairs and continue. We do this together, in community for the well-being and flourishing of our community. We rely on one another – we learn together, act together and hold each other accountable to our diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility intentions. We acknowledge that the work required to create an inclusive and equitable community is ongoing – a marathon not a sprint – and we bring our commitment, focus and perseverance to it. We dedicate this work to the flourishing and belonging of all people in the Nehalem Bay community.